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  • Plaid MEP renews calls for Robin Hood Tax
    May 22nd 2012

    MEP challenges Welsh and UK Governments to follow EU lead

    Plaid Cymru MEP and President, Jill Evans, has renewed calls for a Robin Hood Tax to alleviate the financial burden on ordinary working families. Ms Evans’ comments came ahead of a vote at the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week to introduce a Financial Transaction Tax (popularly referred to as the Robin Hood tax) which could generate up to €65 billion a year.

    Ms Evans commented,

    "Reckless speculation and risky banking practices have landed the people of Wales with a huge deficit burden. The ordinary Welsh family did not cause the current crisis. This tax would help the recovery of our economy. It is only fair that the financial sector now helps to repay the debt."

    Ms Evans continued,

    “Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood AM, has challenged the Welsh Government to provide an alternative to the austerity measures from London and to support a Financial Transaction Tax."

    "I will be voting in favour of introducing the new tax in Strasbourg tomorrow, as it will be the first step towards a fairer tax system which will greatly benefit the people of Wales."


    Photo: Jill Evans